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Quick Facts

ALL NEW Machines are
made in Elyria, Ohio USA
AFP can repair & rebuild your machine to specification
AFP sell replacement parts for tube end finishing machines.
  • | Manufacture | Repair
  • Tube Benders, End Finishing machines
  • And Flaring Machines in the USA

Who We Are

About Us

American Fluid Power has been in business for over 25. AFP manufacturers four different model flaring and beading units in its own plant in Elyria, Ohio for the tube finishing industry. Presently we produce the Flareall 100, AFP 232, AFP 2CP and the AFP 3CPHDV.
American Fluid Power manufactures all of the necessary tooling to operate any of our machines that will work with your present machines as well. AFP produces and sells tube benders ranging from the gydraulic 632 to the hand crank 412. See the listing for our tube bending equipment. AFP produces all of the radius blocks for all the machines sold in SAE and Metric as well as special size tooling upon request. Please view the picture of a 36 inch radius block for a specially modified 632 bender.

What We Offer

American Fluid Power maintains an extensive inventory of parts, dies and radius blocks for immedite delivery. We also maintain several machines that we have rebuilt in stock for immediate delivery. If you want to discuss the purchase of one of our machines, please contact us and we will send you pictures. If you have a machine to trade or just want to sell a surplus machine, please call us for a quote.

Flaring Machines

3CP New

AFP produces the finest flaring and beading machines for the medium production facilities



Our Advantages

AFP flaring machines produce the finest results and closest tolerances.

AFP machines are American Made and made in our factory in Ohio


Tube Benders and Tooling

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    412 Bender

    Our precision built machines are designed to provide you with the industry's best flare for tubing, right here in the United States.


    624 Bender

    Let American Fluid Power join you in providing your customers with a high precision solution with satisfaction.



    We are committed to forming customer relationships that enable you to achieve your goals with your customers.

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    420 Bender

    We strive to work in a cooperative environment where our customers can rely on our years of experience to stay competetive with current demanding business goals.


    632 Bender

    American Fluid Power looks forward to discovering how we can become a valuable part of your team.


    Radius Blocks

    AMF derives its strength from its core employees who are the best in the industry at what they do, with a proven track record in processes.


We are dedicated to provide you with solutions to your customers and feel it is our duty to communicate with our clients to know what your needs are and provide you with trust in us.


American Fluid Power has over 25 years of experience in the manufacture, rebuilding and repair of tube benders, end finishing machines and flaring machines. Our employees are the best in the industry at what they do

Quality Service

American Fluid Power provides the best services possible for each and every client we service. We look forward to our future opportunities to serve you.