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American Fluid Power has over 20 years of experience in the manufacture, rebuilding and repair of tube benders and end finishing machines and flaring machines. We produce the finest new and rebuilt machines that are available.

232 New Flaring Machine | American Fluid Power

New 232 Flaring Machine

632 Tube Bender

Welcome to American Fluid Power

American Fluid Power has been in business for over 20 years and manufacturers flaring bending equipment for the tube fabrication industry. AFP produces all the flaring and beading tooling for the following units, 232, 2CP & 3CP.

AFP manufactures new equipment such as the 232, 2CP and 3CP. AFP services and rebuilds each of the mentioned machines here in their
factory. AFP also manufactures the Flareall 100 which is a small inexpensive machine which can flare tubing up to .120 wall stainless.

AFP also produces the 632 hydraulic bender which can bend up to 2” .120 stainless. AFP produces all the radius blocks, slide and clamps for the 632, 624, 424 and 412. Please view our videos that show the machines in use.

Specialty Tooling

American Fluid Power makes specialty tooling for all the machines that AFP makes and current machines that you may be using. If you supply us with prints and tubing we can make the special flare die, bead die and arbor your seeking.


Flareall Flaring Machine


American Fluid Power is the source for tube finishing and bending machines for the tube fabricating industry.

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American Fluid Power maintains an extensive inventory of parts, dies and radius blocks for immediate delivery. We also maintain several machines that we have rebuilt in stock for immediate delivery. If you want to discuss the purchase of one of our machines please contact us and we will send you pictures. If you have a machine to trade or just want to sell a surplus machine please call us for a quote.



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